The store is open on Saturday April 6th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


More information will follow as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.



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Terms of business




If not mentioned other, the books are complete and in good
condition according to their age. Little faults are not always
mentioned but always considered in the price. The offers are
subject to change.

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF) and EURO.

The bill must be payed immediatley and without reduction
after the recieve of the goods. We reserve the right to
advance invoice if you are a first time customer. The orders
will be attended in order of entry.

The customer bears the costs and risk of shipping. By order
the terms of business are accepted.

Until we have received the payment the books are our property.
There is no constrain for shipping. In case of a reasonable
complain we are willing to take back any shipment whithin a
week (postmark), but only if you have called us first by phone.